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Library Titles

Stanley Cup Champions
Interest Level: 3–8

Stanley Cup Champions provides readers with a look at the history, uniforms, and star players of a champion NHL team. Each title in this series features engaging text, colorful photographs and maps, and a timeline detailing major milestones in the team’s history.



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     Ouch! Biting Bugs
Interest Level: K–5

Bugs that bite-Spotlight

The Ouch! Biting Bugs series examines common pests. Each title explores the life cycle, habitat, and dangers posed by a biting arthropod. Every book in the series include tips on avoiding and treating bites.

     Birds of Prey 
Interest Level: 3–8

Birds of Prey-Spotlight

Each Birds of Prey title highlights a group of raptors, or birds of prey. Paired with stunning visuals, the text describes the unique traits, habitats, diets, and different species found in a raptor group.

Solo Sports: Do It Your Way
Interest Level: 3–8

Solo Sports-Spotlight

Solo Sports: Do It Your Way introduces readers to thrilling, gravity-defying sports that can keep them active and engaged. Each title in the series covers the fundamentals of an action sport, going over its history, the equipment involved, and the legends who have helped increase its popularity.

Classroom Titles

EyeDiscover Spanish
Interest Level: K–2

ED Spotligth-1

All the amazing features of our AV2, EyeDiscover, and Lightbox titles are accessible to Spanish speakers through our K–5 Spanish collection. The EyeDiscover Spanish titles feature an innovative optic readalong and special features designed for reluctant readers at the K–2 levels.



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Take the Sky
Interest Level: 3–5

Take the Sky-Spotlight

Take the Sky is designed to inspire young readers by introducing core concepts in the study of sky science. Visual diagrams, vibrant images, and hands-on activities help young readers explore the many wonders of nature found in Earth’s sky and beyond.