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Oct 2022 spotlight eggs

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Library Titles

World Series Champions
Interest Level: Grades 3–8

World Series Champions provides readers with a look at the history, uniforms, and star players of one of the greatest MLB teams. Each title features engaging text, colorful photographs and maps, and a timeline detailing major milestones in the team’s history.

Oct 2022 spotlight braves


   Animals of Africa
Interest Level: Grades K–5

Oct 2022 spotlight animals of africa set

Each book in Animals of Africa showcases one of Africa’s most fascinating animals. Readers will learn about the animal’s physical features, diet, and natural habitat, as well as the challenges it faces.

  Fantastic Cats 
Interest Level: Grades 3–8

Oct 2022 spotlight fantastic cats set

Discover some of the world’s best-known cat breeds in Fantastic Cats. Each title uses captivating facts and vibrant images to examine the history, physical features, and personalities of these beloved pets and offer tips on how to take care of them.

Countries of the World
Interest Level: Grades 3–8

Oct 2022 spotlight countries of the world set

The Countries of the World series takes readers on a worldwide tour to discover diverse countries from around the globe. Learn about each country’s land and climate, plants and animals, natural resources, goods and services, indigenous peoples, cultural groups, arts and entertainment, sports, politics and government, and much more!

Classroom Titles

World Languages
Interest Level: Grades K–2

landing - world languages 2

Our revolutionary K–2 World Languages platform features clean, easy-to-read layouts and full-screen images designed for maximum readability and eye-catching appeal. Students can easily toggle between languages with a simple click and watch as each page is fully translated into another language.

Featured Free Classroom Title – Horses