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October’s World Languages Spotlight aligns with World Animal Day on October 4. To help raise awareness of animals in young readers, our Snow Leopard title is available in 12 languages. Grades K–2 students are introduced to snow leopards and will learn about the lives and habits of these majestic big cats.

Snow Leopard
Interest level: K–2
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AV2 Non Fiction (black)

October’s AV2 Nonfiction Spotlight aligns with World Teachers’ Day on October 5. From teaching the building blocks of shapes and colors to educating students about subjects such as science, social studies, math, and literature, teachers enrich our lives and shape our worldviews. For teachers with young pupils, the Colors title will help Grades K–2 students learn to identify some of the colors that they see in everyday life. We are also featuring our Rick Riordan title for Grades 3–5 students to read and learn about this famous American author and teacher.

Building My Vocabulary:
Interest level: K–2
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Great Storytellers:
Rick Riordan
Interest level: 3–5
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October’s Lightbox Spotlight aligns with Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples’ Day, both on October 11. Grades K–2 students can learn about the history of Columbus Day and its associated celebrations with the Columbus Day title. Our Native American Festivals title encourages students in Grades 6–8 to appreciate different aspects of Native American culture, history, and festivities.

Great American Holidays:
Columbus Day
Interest level: K–2
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Native American Life:
Native American Festivals
Interest level: 6–8
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October’s EyeDiscover Spotlight aligns with National Reptile Awareness Day on October 21. From tiny lizards to giant crocodiles and alligators, reptiles are a vital part of the global ecosystem. The combination of text, audio, and video in All About Alligators will immerse Grades K–2 students in the natural habitats of alligators, providing a unique insight into these fascinating reptiles.

All About Alligators
Interest level: K–2
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AV2 Fiction (black)

October’s AV2 Fiction Spotlight aligns with Halloween on October 31. To go along with the fun and excitement of this traditionally spooky holiday, The Werewolf entertains readers with the tale of Fred the werewolf, who just wants to howl at the Moon.

The Werewolf
Interest level: K–6
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