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If you are looking for online resources that meet the needs of both educators and students in our ever-changing world, look no further than Lightbox Learning. Our cost-effective, cloud-based platform features a host of curriculum-connected and high-interest content, with subjects ranging from language arts and social studies to STEM and sports.

Scroll down to learn more about each of the new Library and Classroom series now available from Lightbox Learning. 

Library Titles

World Languages
Interest Level: K–2

Spotlight-World Languages3

Each title in the revolutionary AV2 World Languages platform features clean, easy-to-read layouts and captivating full-screen images designed for maximum readability and eye-catching appeal. Every title includes access to 14 eBooks, each in a different language.

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 Animals of Africa 
Interest Level: 3–8

Spotlight-Animals of Africa

Each book in the Animals of Africa series showcases one of Africa’s most fascinating animals. Readers will learn about the animal’s physical features, diet, and natural habitat, as well as the challenges it faces.

Interest Level: 3–8


Sharks helps young readers explore some of the most unique fish in the ocean. Each book in Sharks teaches readers about a shark’s appearance, behavior, and life.

Classroom Titles

 Elements of Chemistry
Interest Level: 9–12

Spotlight-Elements of Chemistry

Explore the current and future applications of common elements from the periodic table of elements with the Elements of Chemistry series. Each volume features the discovery, history, and present uses of one vital element from the periodic table of elements. Discover the effects of these basic building blocks have on major world industries, including energy production, health and wellness, and fabrication.

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Interest Level: K–2


Each title in the Habitats series explores the different plants, animals, and climates that make every habitat unique. This series also helps readers understand why it is important to protect nature’s habitats.