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Library Titles

  All about the Sky
Interest Level: Grades K–5

series-All about the Sky

Young readers can discover more about the objects that they see in Earth's sky with the All about the Sky series. They will also learn about objects that are too far to be seen with the naked eye, as well as the invisible phenomena that affect the sights they observe.

Interest Level: Grades K–5series-Toolbox

Toolbox gives young builders their first glimpse at the common tools that people use. Each title in this handy series explores the parts and functions of a featured tool, as well as its many real-life uses. 


Featured-Hammer-Toolbox 2


    Creatures of the Sea
Interest Level: Grades 3–8

series-Creatures of the Sea

Creatures of the Sea introduces readers to some of the most interesting animals in the world’s oceans, exploring their physical features, diets, and natural habitats.

      Icons of America
Interest Level: Grades 3–8series-Icons of America

Icons of America introduces young readers to some of the many places, people, and symbols that helped shape America’s identity. 

Classroom Titles

Power • Authority • Governance
Interest Level: Grades 3–5

series-PAG 2

Examine the purpose, function, history, and people of special government agencies with Power • Authority • Governance. Young readers will learn about the important missions undertaken, tools and technology used, and career options available for each agency. 


Featured-Disease-PAG 2