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Looking for fresh ways to engage students after the winter break? Our latest curriculum-aligned classroom materials and high-interest media enhanced library resources are designed to empower educators and inspire students.

We’ve added 31 new titles to Lightbox Learning subscriptions this month.


Scroll down to learn more about each of the new Lightbox Learning Library and Classroom series available now. 

Library Titles

Mighty Dinosaurs
Interest Level: K–2

Mighty Dinosaur series-1

Learn all about dinosaurs and other remarkable reptiles that went extinct millions of years ago with the Mighty Dinosaurs series.

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Mega Machines
Interest Level: K–2

Mega Machines series-1

Mega Machines introduces young readers to some of the largest and most powerful machines to ever travel across land, air, and sea.


Pets We Love
Interest Level: 3–8

Pets We Love series-1

The Pets We Love series offers tips on how to feed, groom, and care for the many different types of pets, providing information about breeds, life cycles, and behaviors along the way.

  Backyard Games
Interest Level: 3–8

Backyard Games series2

The Backyard Games series provides readers with insight into the games they play in their backyards with family and friends. Each title describes the purpose and rules of each game, as well as the equipment needed. 

Classroom Titles


Houses of Worship
Interest Level: 3–5

Houses of Worship series-1

Wander through renowned religious buildings around the world with the Houses of Worship series. Each title showcases a sacred structure and delves into the history, architecture, and science behind it.

Houses of Worship featured cover-1


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