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Library Titles

     Backyard Animals
Interest Level: Grades K–2

Series-Backyard Animals

The Backyard Animals series introduces readers to the many animals that can be found in and around the backyards of North America.

  Like a Pro
Interest Level: Grades K–2

Series-Like a Pro

Each Like a Pro title introduces young readers to a sport, how they can play it, and how professional athletes take part in it. 

  Animals of the Rainforest 
Interest Level: Grades 3–8

Series-Animals of the Rainforest 2

Each book in the Animals of the Rainforest series explores a species of animal found in tropical forests. Titles in this series examine the animal’s habitat, adaptations, diet, and threats using exciting images and informative visual features. 

History Makers: Past and Present
Interest Level: Grades 3–8

Series-History Makers

History Makers: Past and Present profiles significant history makers throughout time. Each book explores the life of a well-known individual and provides an overview of that person’s life and achievements.

Featured-Queen Elizabeth II


     Super Bowl Champions 
Interest Level: Grades 3–8

Series-Super Bowl Champions

The Super Bowl Champions series provides readers with a look at the history, uniforms, and star players of a champion NFL team. Each title in this series features engaging text, colorful photographs and maps, and a timeline detailing major milestones in the team’s history.

Classroom Titles

Five Senses
Interest Level: Grades K–2

Series-Five Senses

Five Senses takes young readers on a journey of discovery as they learn how their senses help them interact with the world around them. The series uses vibrant images and clear, easy-to-read text to explain how hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch affect what people perceive.