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Lightbox Learning offers a vast selection of interactive titles and supplementary digital resources, with thousands of options to choose from. We have over 10,000 schools across the United States that trust us to meet their classroom and library needs. Spotlight highlights some of our latest offerings and featured titles.

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We’ve added 39 new titles to Lightbox Learning subscriptions this February.


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Library Titles

Interest Level: Grades K–2


Each EyeDiscover optic readalong is an exciting fusion of print, video, and audio, designed to bring every page to life and engage children at the Kindergarten to Grade 2 levels in a fresh new way. 




   Animals on the Farm
Interest Level: Grades K–5


Animals on the Farm is a captivating new series that introduces beginning readers to some of their favorite farm animals. Each book covers the characteristics, life cycles, and uses of a farm animal. 

  Animals of the Desert 
Interest Level: Grades 3–8


The Animals of the Desert series showcases some of the world’s most fascinating desert animals. Each title gives readers the opportunity to learn more about a specific animal, exploring its physical features, diet, and natural habitat, and the challenges it faces.

   Exploring Continents
Interest Level: Grades 3–8


Exploring Continents takes readers on a journey through the unique features and diverse cultures of Earth’s seven continents. The series delves into the history, geography, climate, flora and fauna, natural resources, economics, and more of each continent. 

Classroom Titles

Great American Holidays
Interest Level: Grades K–2


The Great American Holidays series has been developed for children ages 5 to 7. Each title explores the history, traditions, and features of a holiday celebrated in the United States.



Then and Now
Interest Level: Grades 3–5

landing-then and now

With fascinating facts and exciting images, the Then and Now series allows young readers to compare and contrast people, objects, and actions in the past and present.