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Keep young readers engaged and learning throughout December with Lightbox Learning's fiction and nonfiction titles. This month, we're using Spotlight to highlight some of our featured series!

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Library Titles

      AV2 Fiction Readalong
Interest Level: Grades K–5


AV2 Fiction Readalong brings you timeless tales of mystery, suspense, adventure, and the lessons learned while growing up. These celebrated children’s stories are sure to entertain and educate while captivating even the most reluctant readers, with audio narration adding an extra dimension to these beloved tales. Hear the story come to life as you read along in your own book.

NFL Blitz
Interest Level: Grades 3–8

Series-NFL Blitz

The NFL Blitz series helps young readers explore the National Football League’s teams. Each title examines a team’s history, uniforms, records, key players, stadiums, and much more. Every title uses brilliant photographs and fun facts to bring a team to life.

Featured-Dallas Cowboys


Classroom Titles

Holidays around the World
Interest Level: Grades K–2

Series-Holidays of the world

The Holidays around the World series has been developed for children ages 5 to 7. Each title explores the history, traditions, and features of a holiday celebrated around the world.

Foundations of Democracy
Interest Level: Grades 9–12

Series-Foundations of Democracy 3

The benefits of democracy can be found in all corners of the world. At the same time, the true meaning and character of democracy has never been so extensively tested. Foundations of Democracy takes a global view of the fundamental cornerstones of this form of government that Winston Churchill famously called "the worst political system except for all the others."

Featured-Citizen and Immigration 2