August (1)

Welcome to Spotlight.

Lightbox Learning has everything you need to prepare for the school year. Our vast collection of curriculum-connected and high-interest educational solutions is designed to engage and inspire young readers.

This August, we are shining a Spotlight on some featured series in our Library and Classroom subscriptions. Scroll down to view them! 

Library Titles

My First Look at Body Systems
Interest Level: K–2

Spotlight-Body Systems

My First Look at Body Systems introduces young readers to different parts of the human body and how they function together. Each title explores a body system and its main organs, along with facts about keeping the system healthy. 

Featured-Skeletal System


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Creatures of the Sea 
Interest Level: K–5

Spotlight-Creatures of the sea

Creatures of the Sea dives into some of the most interesting animals in the world’s oceans, exploring their physical features, diets, and natural habitats.

National Parks
Interest Level: 3–8

Spotlight-National Parks

Each book in the National Parks series leads young readers on a journey through some of the best-known national parks in the United States. These titles teach readers geography skills and reveal fascinating facts.

Classroom Titles

 Guided Reading
Interest Level: K–3

Spotlight-Guided reading

The K–3 Guided Reading collection is part of Lightbox Learning's classroom solutions. Leveled fiction and nonfiction titles captivate young readers with their combination of text and curated digital resources. Digital features add an additional dimension to reading and help students comprehend key concepts in greater detail.



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Los biomas del mundo
Interest Level: K–5

Spotlight-Los biomas del mundo

Los biomas del mundo, part of the K–5 Spanish collection, explores how Earth’s organisms are suited to the environments in which they live.