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August's Lightbox Spotlight aligns with Farmworker Appreciation Day on August 6. Our The Farmer title teaches Grades K–2 students what farmers do and how they take care of their crops. Long hours and hard work go into farming to ensure we have nutritious food to eat. Our Eating Green title for Grades 3–5 explains the process behind how food gets transferred from farms to our plates and highlights the benefits of eating green.

People in My Neighborhood:
The Farmer
Interest level: K–2
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It's Easy Being Green!:
Eating Green
Interest level: 3–5
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eyediscover logo-1

August's EyeDiscover Spotlight aligns with World Lion Day on August 10. Our A Lion's World title teaches Grades K–2 students all about how lions look, where they live, and so much more. This EyeDiscover eBook brings the king of the jungle to life so that your class can get a first-hand glimpse into its world!

A Lion's World
Interest level: K–2
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AV2 Fiction (black)-1

August's AV2 Fiction Spotlight aligns with International Youth Day on August 12. Nobody Knew What to Do tells the story of a boy who was bullied until one of his classmates stepped up to help. Shedding light on bullying empowers youth voices to tackle this important issue, showing students that they can seek help when needed.

Nobody Knew What to Do
Interest level: K–6
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AV2 World Languages (blue badge) logo

August's World Languages Spotlight aligns with National Aviation Day on August 19. Our Fighter Jets title is available in 12 languages for Grades K–2 students. It features interesting facts related to fighter jets and how they are used.

Fighter Jets
Interest level: K–2
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AV2 Non Fiction (black)

August's AV2 Nonfiction Spotlight aligns with Pluto Demoted Day on August 24. Pluto has not been recognized as a planet since 2006. Our Kuiper Belt title will take Grades K–2 students deep into space to learn about the Kuiper Belt, which Pluto calls home. In our Voyage to Pluto title, Grades 3–6 students will learn about NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, which was designed to reach Pluto and explore even farther into space.

Deep in Space:
Kuiper Belt
Interest level: K–2
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Space Exploration:
Voyage to Pluto
Interest level: 3–6
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