What is Lightbox?

Lightbox is the all-inclusive digital solution that brings education to life. Lightbox is designed to be your interactive digital curriculum solution and aligns with rigorous national and state standards. Its K–12 interactive eBook platform comes packed with fully integrated media features, including embedded videos, slideshows, weblinks, and Google maps. Text, audio, and video combine to provide a truly immersive learning experience.  

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Why is LIGHTBOX Unique?

Lightbox focuses on a student-centered approach that allows learners to interact with information in new and exciting ways. Learners of all types—whether visual, auditory, or kinesthetic—can use Lightbox’s extensive resources to increase their literacy development, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. With the interactivity built into every digital book, Lightbox also increases student engagement, with over 1,000 titles available at your fingertips, it easily fills curriculum gaps. Lightbox can be used on any device at any time and is available as both a digital-only subscription or as a media-enhanced hardcover book. 

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What they say about LIGHTBOX...

The thing I liked best about using the technology was that I got a chance to watch videos about glaciers instead of just reading about them. I thought glaciers were going to be boring, but they were actually very cool to learn about.

4th Grade Student

It was more fun to use the technology and easier to learn about the topic.


I'm most excited for our ELL learners...They are making connections that a teacher or a textbook couldn't make.

Principal, Cotton Creek School, Darlene B.
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